Employment & Volunteering

The AlChE Job Board is a great place to find jobs related to Chemical Engineering


Undergradute’s are often search for tutors throughout all times of the academic year. If you would like to make some money on the side and help out some students, email Brittany at brittany.ji@ubc.ca with your contact, rate, and course number you are willing to tutor. Your name and contact will be added to the tutor board on the third floor of CHBE, available to undergraduate CHBE students.

MEng Representative

The CHBE Graduate Student Council is looking for an MEng representative. If interested contact ryan.melnick@ubc.ca. Responsibilities will be acting as the liason for MEng specific events and attending GSC meetings.

Speaker Series Valet

As part of the new Speaker Series, the GSC will be needing grad students to greet/assist speakers that have traveled to UBC to give their talks. This is a great opportunity to network and connect with professional engineers applying their graduate degrees or who are working in industry research. If interested please contact ryan.melnick@ubc.ca